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The Human Rights-Based
Approach to Carbon Finance

​​​This book analyses the topical and contentious issue of the human rights impacts associated with carbon projects, especially in developing countries. It outlines a human rights-based approach to carbon finance as a functional framework for mainstreaming human rights into the design, approval, finance and implementation of carbon projects. It also describes the nature and scope of carbon projects, the available legal options for their financing and the key human rights issues at stake in their planning and execution. Written in a user-friendly style, the proposal for a rights-based due diligence framework through which human rights issues can be anticipated and addressed makes this book relevant to all stakeholders in carbon, energy, and environmental investments and projects.

  • DATE PUBLISHED: June 2016​

  • ISBN: 9781107105515



Food and Agricultural Law: Readings on
Sustainable Agriculture and the Law in Nigeria

This timely book Food and Agricultural Law provides in-depth exploration and analyses of the web of laws, policies, international conventions and best practices that apply to the cultivation, production, marketing and sale of food and agricultural products in Nigeria, Africa and globally. It presents case studies and best practices within and outside Nigeria (particularly Europe) that elucidate sustainable agricultural practices, legal and institutional frameworks, policies and technologies, through which agricultural sectors and systems may be reformed and strengthened to attain sustainability. Its focus on the intersection of agriculture, sustainable development and other topical issues such as climate change, health, environmental degradation, pollution control, biotechnology and human rights offer compelling analyses and wealth of materials for anyone interested in food, farming, agriculture, environment, health, nutrition, biotechnology and renewable energy. With contributions from over 20 international scholars from developing and developed countries including Italy, United Kingdom, Sweden, South Africa, Cameroon, Zimbabwe and Nigeria, this book provides fresh perspectives and legal solutions for well entrenched problems facing the expansion of agricultural programs and policies in Nigeria. Stakeholders from all backgrounds including farmers, students, administrators, lawyers, financial analysts, judges, and law makers will undoubtedly find this book to be an authoritative toolkit and functional companion that will aid their knowledge, understanding, and assimilation of the legal and institutional framework on farming and agriculture in Nigeria, Africa and globally.



  • ISBN: 1926832272



Principles of Nigerian
Environmental Law (Environmental Law)

A complete, comparative and international handbook on the fundamental principles governing the protection, conservation and sustainable utilization of the environment in Nigeria. The Principles of Nigerian Environmental Law takes a comparative and international approach in analyzing and discussing the peculiar approaches and tool-boxes for environmental protection in Nigeria. Starting with a theoretical and jurisprudential examination of the term 'environment'; an examination of the schools of thoughts and emerging paradigms in international environmental regulations, and the history and sources of Nigeria's environmental law; it presents an exhaustive overview of the foundations upon which the current elaborate structure of environmental law in Nigeria has been built. 



  • ISBN: 9662965114



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